We believe that tourism can be a vehicle for encouraging rural communities in their development to enhance their way of life. It can also be a vehicle for sharing positive information and knowledge between various cultures and regions, thus inspiring a positive living at both ends.

Every year, we organize Charity treks to support some rural community projects such as building health posts, schools and agriculture projects and at the same time offer opportunities for our guests to explore new and exciting places besides the common trekking routes.

We welcome you on this special charity trek to explore the beauties of Nepal while also supporting communities in need. The trek as a part of the social charity of The Community Building for Sustainable Tourism (CBSD) in various remote regions such as lower Solukhumbu and Karnali region in West Nepal is about being a part of positive change in one of the remotest, stunningly beautiful yet most impoverished regions in the Himalayas.

Our activities include supporting, a) schools: with books, furniture, building support, b) health posts with medicine, staff training and other building supports, and c) agriculture support activities. The overall aim is to improve the health, education, and general basic services in order to improve the quality of life in the region.

The key objective at the other side is also to build connection between tourists and local communities. So, during the trek, we will visit our project areas, interact with the community, participate in community events and share our ideas and suggestions for improving basic services in the region.

We welcome all supporter and people who are open to our aim of social service and who also want to face challenges associated in order to bring changes in areas of need. Due to advancement in communication and transportation technologies, the interdependence of one area in the world with other is becoming ever more distinct. Consequently, interaction among communities, sharing of resources, and knowledge is becoming more and more crucial to bring about the harmony and balance in our world today. Through small initiatives as this trek, we aim to contribute towards this goal.

Our community tours are currently in areas of Lower Solukhumbu, Nele VDC and Humla, Mugu in Karnali region. We can also design community treks in other parts as per your interest. It requites some preparation with the locals: identifying their social needs, identifying local leaders, facilitators and partners.

There is no better way to explore remote Himalayas than working and engaging with the people. It’s a unique experience.

Please join our community treks and see it for yourself !