Humla Nyinba Valley

This trip is one of the most fascinating trips in the western Nepal Himalaya inhabited by Nyinbas of  Tibetan origin living in villages that resemble the structure of Buddhist Mandala. You will trek across the ancient villages, monasteries and power places of the region while experiencing age-old village lifestyle and rich ancient Tibetan tradition that are unique to the region. The uniqueness and rich culture of this less traveled region has attracted many journalists and researches that a number of BBC and National Geographic documentaries has been made.

Day 1/2: Arrival, tour in Kathmandu
Day 3/4 : Fly to Nepalgunj (200m) and to Simikot (2950m)
Day 5/10: Trek Simikot to Torpa, Ralling monastery, explore sacred caves and sites, participate in local festival, home stays and trek back to Simikot
Day 11/12: Fly Simikot to Nepalgunj, to Kathmandu and departure