Lower Dolpo

Dolpa is known by the famous shey Phoksundo Lake, and shey gomba. People have trade with Tibet they are called as Dolpas, usually these people have barter system trade. Bon is practiced here, the miagling of clture is fascinating here. The main walls and chorten aare passed  on the right, the mysterious villagers, insular people, the extermedly rugged terrain, the religion, the legendary crystal mountain, and shockingly blue lake where no acuatic life lives, Dolpa makes on of the most fascinating of all places in Nepal. The Himalayan Tahr, blue Sheep, snow leopard found here.


Day1. Arrival and transfer the hotel
Day2. Free day in Ktm and Packing
Day3. Fly to Nepalgjung (Weest Nepal) sty at hotel.
Day4. Fly on the Juphal in lower Dolpa (2,500 m)
Day5. Fly lawan (2,400 m)
Day6. Kanigaun (2,540 m)
Day7. Lahini (3,160 m)
Day8. Kamat Traka (3, 600 m)
Day9. Tarap Do (4, 080 mk)
Day10. Tok Khyu (4,180 m)
Day11. Numa La Pass (5, 318 m)
Day12. Baga La pass (5,190 m)
Day13. Ringmo (3, 730 m)
Day14. Renje Village (3, 010 m)
Day15. Chepak (2,670 m)
Day16. Dunai (2,070 m)
Day17. Jupal (2,490 m)
Day18. Fly to Nepalgjunj
Day19. Back to Kathmandu
Day20. Departure