Tailored Treks & Expedition is ethical travel company set up by experienced tourism professionals, and trekking & mountaineering guides in Nepal.  We offer specialized trekking trips in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan . Most of all we pride ourselves in providing friendly and flexible service while caring for the community and environment.  After years of dealing with tourists we believe that more and more people are looking to try treks which may involve a change from the normal tourist route and activities.  So through good communication with our clients before they arrive in Nepal we can tailor a trekking experience to individual needs and interest.

Nepal is a country full of many opportunities for travel and adventure.  It also has some of the most spectacular and breath-taking scenery in the entire world. Most visitors are interested to experience the true essence of the Himalayas, which is not only a stunning mountain range but also an area full of unique cultural experiences.  In addition to trekking we can also put together a package that includes peak climbing, expeditions, white water rafting, wildlife safaris, pilgrimage, student programs and excursions to Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan.

Responsible Tourism and Volunteer Tourism
The act of travelling responsibly stretches further than just ecological considerations.  Our company also considers the impact of tourism on those communities and economies that we visit.  We therefore take steps to maximise the positive impact of tourism wherever possible.  After all it is clear that tourism can provide mutual benefits.  The traveller and the local communities can gain much in terms of fulfilment, education, respect and discovery.

Voluntourism is the broad name given to the combination of travel with volunteering in countries or communities affected by poverty, disaster or threats to their survival.  The act of combining holidays with service can lead to an enhanced travelling experience, achieving a greater level of integration with local communities as well as an education in the ways of life of those that are visited.  If the projects are structured and organized effectively the benefits to the communities visited are immediately evident.  The destinations and activities undertaken by Volunteer-tourists are hugely varied.

Benefits of Responsible Tourism to the visitor

– To enjoy one’s leisure time while respecting standards of social interest and environmental preservation

– To carry out one’s freedom of choice and control over the economy of one’s territory or his country

– To favor the implementation of a responsible approach in the tourism activities

– To participate in the sustainable development of the host territory

Our Team

Jigme NB Lama

Born in Humla, West Nepal, NB Lama Jigme has been involved in various community and ecotourism development activities in various parts of Nepal for almost 20 years. Starting as a local guide for trekking groups to Tibet and West Nepal, he later became involved in community and tourism development in West Nepal and managed various rural development projects working with organizations such as SNV Nepal, UNWTO, UKAID, UNESCO, Nepal Trust, and SAMARTH Nepal Market Development Program/Adam Smith International etc. He also was involved in various documentary film projects such as an award winning film and an acclaimed book, ‘Talking Story’ , ‘In Search of Shangri La’, BBC 2004 and etc…He studied MA in Rural Development and has a BA (major in Rural Development, Buddhism and Himalayan Studies.)

He was one of the founders of the company and is dedicated to developing a social enterprise committed to sustainability both in terms of environment and communities while developing and offering exciting and enriching travel experiences for our clients. He believes that traveling if done well can be a means for positive transformation for visitors and hosts alike.

Kumar Karki

Kumar Karki is one of the founder members of Tailored Treks and Expeditions. He entered the tourism industry as a porter in 1991. He has extensive experience of being a cook, a sherpa and assistant trekking guide. He firstly worked with Annapurna Mountaineering and Trekking (P.) Ltd. Between 1995 to 1998. He then worked for a British NGO, The Nepal Trust, starting as a cook and then progressing on to 1999-2002 being in charge of trekking.

He achieved his license as a trekking cook in 2000 and then worked hard to achieve his trekking guide licence in 2004 from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management. He then trained further by attendance at a Professional Development Program (with Borderlands) in 2003. While he was with Nepal Trust, he led and organized several treks to Nepal and Tibet. Alongside, he also assisted in Humla Eco-tourism and Trekking Promotion Project during 2003-2007 as Trekking Consultant. The project was implemented by Nepal Trust with support from UNESCO. Impressively he was heavily involved in organising and assisting in Rosie Swale Pope’s Speed Trek across Nepal.  This was a walk from West to East Nepal in 2003 organised by the Nepal Trust in association with the British Embassy and the Nepal Tourism Board.

In 2010, Kumar also helped organize and guided ultra-adventure athlete Sean Burch on his World Record Trek across Great Himalaya Trail of Nepal. Burch ran and trekked high altitude peaks across 18 districts from Pashupatinagar near to Ilam in the east to Hilsa in Humla in the far north-west of Nepal, all in order to promote the much talked about Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) and socio-economic development along the trail in partnership with Nepal Trust, and Rotary Intl. District 3292 Nepal. The 1,250 miles trail was completed in 49 days.

With over 15 years of experience in traveling and trekking extensively in all major trekking area in Nepal, Tibet and India Kumar was inspired to start Tailored Treks and Expeditions with the support of his friends and colleagues.  He wanted to offer  a new dimension to the trekking industry of Nepal.

Tek Bahadur Basnet has spent more than 20 years in the adventure travel trade and tourism industry in Nepal. He started treks since 1990 as porter. After long time, He worked as a cook for five years from 1995 to 2000. He is working as a trekking guide from 2001 to till now. He has lead treks all over Nepal and Tibet. He did training of Cook on 1996 and training of Trekking Guide on 2000 from Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management.

He was also involved in Rosie Swale Pope’s Speed Trek across Nepal in 2003 organised by Nepal Trust in association with British Embassy and Nepal Tourism Board for Health education, eco-tourism, and renewable energy, heritage preservation projects in Humla and everlasting peace in Nepal. Again, he has done trekking in all major routes of Nepal.

Krishna Karki – Guide/Cook: Krishna, a resident of Solukhmbu region has been working as trekking cook and guide since 1998 with various trekking and travel companies. He has lead groups on all major trekking destinations in Nepal and Tibet.  He works as our lead Guide and Cook.

Lhakpa Sherpa – Guide: Born in Solukhumbu region, Lhakpa Sherpa started his career in trekking 15 yrs ago. He has trekkes, lead groups in all trekking regions in Nepal, Tibet.