Rara-Humla Trek in West Nepal

“When God made the ‘Hidden Himalaya’ he must have got hooked on straight lines. So, he said it has to be steep up, down-up, down all the way! He gave the people here giant hearts to match the mountains. I feel compelled to jump forward just for fun today.”
– Rosie Swale Pope, UK

We welcome you on this special trek to explore the beauties of west Nepal, an area little explored by outsiders. Tailored trek has been working to identify and offer such remote destinations whereby tourists get a unique experience and the local communities – usually among the poorest people in Nepal – are also benefited.

Karnali region with headquarter in Jumla was the centre of powerful Khasa Kingdom until 16th century that extended its territory through western Tibet and influenced the matters of neighbouring kingdoms in modern day Nepal. The powerful Khasa kingdom had its territories up to Mt Kailash in the north bordering Tibet and Kumaon and Garwal in the south bordering India. Rich culture and traditions, arts and architecture of Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism and Hinduism flourished during the time of which some has been lost to time and much still can be seen today. Since the ancient times, local people, shamans and kings of Karnali has taken their pilgrimage following Karnali river and hills reaching to Mt Kailash in Tibet, considered to be the navel of the sacred cosmos; Mandala and an dwelling place of highest spiritual energy. From this sacred site originates four major rivers of the continent and Karnali a source of Ganga is one of them and it runs from Mt Kailash through the hillas and valleys of Karnali r before entering Ganga. The practice of shamanistic pilgrimage to Kailash is still practiced by the Humli people and shamans toady and so is also the sheep caravan.

The trek stating from Jumla will take you through these trails and of course through beautiful Rara Lake. On the way, you will pass through Thakuri, Khasa, Brahmin and Byansi villages of Humla and Mugu, along with rich flora and fauna. You will visit the villages where people still live in a medieval lifestyle. It is one of the poorest regions and lest developed regions but the hospitality of people and the beauty of Rare lake, mountains and the lush valleys are fascinating. After a day’s rest in Rara we will walk towards Humla following the pilgrims and traders trail. We will stay in the local teashops and home stays as much as possible, trying to interact and learn about the local traditions and lifestyle.


Day 1            Kathmandu to Nepalgunj by flight 1 hr
Day 2            Fly Nepalgunj to Jumla and trek to Chyarechaur 2-3 hr
Day 3           Trek to Nyaureghat 4-5 hr crossing Danphe lek (3150m)
Day 4            Trek to Bhulbhule 4-5 hr
Day 5           Trek to Rara Lake  6-7 hr
Day 6            Explore Rara Lake
Day 7           Rara Lake via Gamgadhi (1700m) to Luma (8 hrs.)
Day 8            Luma village to cross Changkheli pass (7 hrs.)
Day 9            Changkheli to Rimi (7 hrs.)
Day 10          Rimi to Darma village via Piplang, (4,5 hrs.) to Melchham village (4,5 hrs.)
Day 11          Melchham village to Gothi (7 hrs.)
Day 12         Gothi to Sarkegad via Ripa (4,5 hrs.) to Lali (8 hrs. total)
Day 13         Lali to Kharpunath (6.5 hrs.)
Day 14          Kharpunath to Simikot (2950m) (6 hrs.)
Day 15          Fly from Simikot via Nepalgunj to Kathmandu
Day 16        Kathmandu valley sightseeing & Free Day
Day 17        Departure. Drop to Airport by car.