Robin Mark Ramsay

I first met Kumar in 2008 when he ran a charity trek that I was taking part in. This required a great deal of organisational skill as we were in Humla, a very rural area, for a period of 6 weeks. Kumar impressed me with his hard work and ability to co-ordinate his team. He had an excellent grasp of English and good communication skills. He is also very used to the requirements of Westerners having worked his way up over the years from porter, to cook to trekking guide.

Since this time I have trekked with Kumar on a number of occasions. As well as organising the trek he is fantastic at dealing with all your requirements when in Kathmandu, from organising airport collection and booking accommodation, to finding special gifts for family and friends (at local prices). Over the year’s Kumar has become a trusted guide and a close friend. I continue to recommend his services to my friends and cannot recommend him highly enough.

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