Mark Connor

“My wife and I spent two months with Tailored Treks in 2014. We spent the first month trekking with packhorses in the Humla/Limi region of North-western Nepal and another month teahouse trekking along the Manasalu/Tsum/Annapuna treks. While the treks were very different (packhorse camping vs teahouses) they were equally incredible. On the Humla trek we were able to witness Buddhist ceremonies in several monasteries and had personal meetings with some of the high Lamas. This was made possible by one of our guides (Jigme) who was very well connected and originally from this region. It sometimes seemed like everyone in Humla knew Jigme. The insight Jigme was able to provide into the religion, culture and issues of the area was comprehensive and very insightful. Humla is a remote and fascinating part of Nepal. Due to their local connections, I believe Tailored Treks is particularly well positioned to provide exceptional trekking in the Humla region. Our other trek along the Manasalu/Tsum/Annapura routes was equally enjoyable. This area is stunningly spectacular and even though there is now a road around much of the Annapurna Circuit we still found it to be an incredible experience. Our guide (Krishna) was very professional and always attentive. There was a lot of flexibility built in the trek as to the length of the day spent walking, side trips, etc. During the course of the time spent with Krishna he always maintained a cheerful and even temperament and proved very experienced and capable. The Operations Director (Kumar) was always friendly and helpful. He assisted us on several occasions, even long after our ‘business’ association had ended. Kumar can help you arrange various activities throughout Nepal aside from trekking. Kumar seems to have trekked all over Nepal including the entire Great Himalayan Trail (on several occasions) and he is a great source of insight and advice. The folks at Tailored Treks have a long association with NGO’s in Nepal and continue to be involved in development projects assisting rural Nepalese in addressing health and environmental issues. It is this commitment that I feel is one of the things that really makes Tailored Treks stand out as a quality organization. During the time we spent with the folks from Tailored we found them to be friendly, trustworthy, helpful and professional. As a result of this we have come to consider them all as our good friends. I think you will find the same. We are already planning our next adventure with Tailored Treks!”

Mark ConnorMark ConnorWhitehorse Yukon, Canada