My husband and I went on two 30 day treks with Tailored Treks during the fall of 2014. When we first started inquiring about trekking possibilities, we were immediately impressed by Tailored Trek’s quick email replies that were always professional and concise. Tailored Treks provided an itinerary to suit our desires to view wildlife and experience local culture; and they adapted a modified itinerary when required. Our guides (Jigme and Krishna) were attentive, kind, honest, efficient, very experienced with mountain and back country travel, and very knowledgeable about flora, fauna, and local culture. Porters and other camp staff were also kind, efficient, and honest. Kumar competently managed administrative requirements and provided generous hospitality while attending to our needs before and after the treks; and there seemed to be no limit to what Kumar was willing and able to arrange for us. We sincerely enjoyed our trekking experience and have developed friendships with Jigme, Krishna, and Kumar. We are already planning our next trek!

Angela Milani Angela MilaniYukon, Canada

“My wife and I spent two months with Tailored Treks in 2014. We spent the first month trekking with packhorses in the Humla/Limi region of North-western Nepal and another month teahouse trekking along the Manasalu/Tsum/Annapuna treks. While the treks were very different (packhorse camping vs teahouses) they were equally incredible. On the Humla trek we were able to witness Buddhist ceremonies in several monasteries and had personal meetings with some of the high Lamas. This was made possible by one of our guides (Jigme) who was very well connected and originally from this region. It sometimes seemed like everyone in Humla knew Jigme. The insight Jigme was able to provide into the religion, culture and issues of the area was comprehensive and very insightful. Humla is a remote and fascinating part of Nepal. Due to their local connections, I believe Tailored Treks is particularly well positioned to provide exceptional trekking in the Humla region. Our other trek along the Manasalu/Tsum/Annapura routes was equally enjoyable. This area is stunningly spectacular and even though there is now a road around much of the Annapurna Circuit we still found it to be an incredible experience. Our guide (Krishna) was very professional and always attentive. There was a lot of flexibility built in the trek as to the length of the day spent walking, side trips, etc. During the course of the time spent with Krishna he always maintained a cheerful and even temperament and proved very experienced and capable. The Operations Director (Kumar) was always friendly and helpful. He assisted us on several occasions, even long after our ‘business’ association had ended. Kumar can help you arrange various activities throughout Nepal aside from trekking. Kumar seems to have trekked all over Nepal including the entire Great Himalayan Trail (on several occasions) and he is a great source of insight and advice. The folks at Tailored Treks have a long association with NGO’s in Nepal and continue to be involved in development projects assisting rural Nepalese in addressing health and environmental issues. It is this commitment that I feel is one of the things that really makes Tailored Treks stand out as a quality organization. During the time we spent with the folks from Tailored we found them to be friendly, trustworthy, helpful and professional. As a result of this we have come to consider them all as our good friends. I think you will find the same. We are already planning our next adventure with Tailored Treks!”

Mark ConnorMark ConnorWhitehorse Yukon, Canada

Tailored Treks truly deserves its name. I did a trek with them in March 2014 to Lower Dolpa and the Phoksumdo Lake. Even though my time was very limited, Kumar and his staff managed to arrange a wonderful trek and an unforgettable experience. Before booking the trip we discussed about which kind of trek and expectation I have. Therefore it was possible to attend the Tibetan New Year celebrations along the way, see the lives of the people and have close exchange with many interesting people. My guide did a great job to point out many details in the local landscape, be it wildlife, plants or cultural aspects which I would have easily overlooked. He took all the necessary time to translate the communication with the local people and answered my many questions with great patience. During the trip, we could easily make adjustments, accounting for the limitations of the weather. All these aspects made my this trip all the more worthwhile. Kumar and his team have a lot of experience across almost all of Nepal and can arrange any kind of trip and trek. I recommend Kumar and Tailored Treks without any hesitation.

Anton MyalitsinAnton Myalitsin

I do not hesitate to recommend Kumar and the team at Tailored Treks to anyone thinking of visiting Nepal. There can be few trekking guides with the experience, resourcefulness, thoughtfulness and commitment of Nir Kumar Karki.

Since first trekking with Kumar in Humla 4 years ago I have undertaken several further treks visiting the Rolwaling Valley in Dolkha District and Solu Khumbu (on and off the tourist trail). These are customised trips and with Kumar’s knowledge and enthusiasm it has not been difficult to organise a trip that meets all requirements but is flexible enough to cater for unforeseen circumstances.

The highest regard is given to the safety and well-being of clients and any queries or problems are quickly and fully addressed. Important consideration is given to the well-being of staff and to the local people and communities which are visited. Regard is given to the sourcing of goods and services locally to ensure the benefits of tourism reach those who most need it. Kumar has an extensive knowledge of Nepal’s natural and cultural heritage which he is always happy to share, along with discrete guidance on cultural etiquette when required.

I fall within the category of Volunteer tourist; assisting Kumar and his colleagues in the sustainable development work they undertake through the Nepali NGO “Community Building for Sustainable Development”, CBSD. Through practical and financial support CBSD works with communities to open up opportunities for improved well-being. These community driven initiatives include support for schools and health posts, renewable energy and income generating projects.

Through all aspects of their trekking service Kumar, Jigme and their colleagues strive to achieve both excellent customer satisfaction and to bring positive benefits to the disadvantaged communities of rural Nepal. In my experience, they are succeeding in doing both. Trekking with Tailored Treks offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the Nepal which most tourists only scratch the surface of knowing that you are in the hands of one the best in the business.

Jane LockyerDoctorJane LockyerUK

I first trekked with Tailored Treks in 2010, and then returned for another incredible trip just a few months ago. I genuinely hope that it will not be too long before I am able to venture on my next trek with the tailored trek team, as it truly is an absolutely unforgettable experience.

In order to get the very most out of any trip to a country as fascinating as Nepal, a trekking company that you can rely on and trust makes all the difference. Kumar and his team had come highly recommended to me, and for very good reason indeed. Both of my trekking experiences with Tailored Treks far exceeded all of my expectations and each time left me vowing to return Nepal as soon as possible. I would not hesitate to recommend Tailored Treks to anyone wishing to visit this captivating country.

The name “Tailored Treks’ could not be more appropriate for what Kumar and his team offer. They go above and beyond to ensure that your trek is exactly as you want it to be. Equipped with the knowledge and experience needed, Kumar and his team have the ability to design and create itineraries specifically tailored to the individual trekker’s specifications. Client safety and satisfaction is always of extremely high priority.

Having studied and worked within the tourism industry, with a particular focus on sustainable tourism, I was thrilled to see the genuine passion that Kumar had for supporting disadvantaged local communities through his work. Kumar has identified the great potential for tourism to positively and sustainably benefit communities in Nepal. I was delighted to witness Kumar’s work in the trekking industry not only benefits international trekkers from around the globe, but also assists the local Nepali people.

If you are looking for a trekking company that will offer you unique and breathtaking treks, led by inspiring individuals then ‘Tailored Treks’ is right for you!

Sian EastonSian EastonUK

I have known Kumar Karki for many years now (since 2003) and to me he is a very hard working and reliable person to make sure that his clients have a good and satisfying time during the trek. Apart from that he also takes care of the voluntary workers that mainly go to the remote area of West Nepal (Humla) or Solukhumbu (the north eastern part of Nepal), which I believe is not an easy task.

Tek Bahadur Basnet is also a trekking guide of Tailored Treks and Expedition, who is not only a very good guide but also a very good organiser. Not very many trekking agencies can do this kind of work, because going to these remote areas is not an easy thing to do. All in all, I am very, very satisfied with the way Kumar and his staff can handle all this and I want to give him and his staff my compliments!

Anneke HolwegAnneke HolwegNetherland

Having Jigme Lama as a guide and translator for our documentary film project and trek through Humla, Nepal was invaluable. Jigme’s warm personality and knowledge of the culture, languages, and proper protocols for meeting the villagers, healers, and spiritual leaders of the region, helped to make our journey more meaningful. He has also contributed as a translator and guiding voice in the post-production process of our film-in-progress, Healing Planet (see

Marie RoseMarie Rose

We all look upon those days with you in Nepal as one of the great experiences of life.

Michael WoodEnglish historian and broadcasterMichael WoodUK

I first met Kumar in 2008 when he ran a charity trek that I was taking part in. This required a great deal of organisational skill as we were in Humla, a very rural area, for a period of 6 weeks. Kumar impressed me with his hard work and ability to co-ordinate his team. He had an excellent grasp of English and good communication skills. He is also very used to the requirements of Westerners having worked his way up over the years from porter, to cook to trekking guide.

Since this time I have trekked with Kumar on a number of occasions. As well as organising the trek he is fantastic at dealing with all your requirements when in Kathmandu, from organising airport collection and booking accommodation, to finding special gifts for family and friends (at local prices). Over the year’s Kumar has become a trusted guide and a close friend. I continue to recommend his services to my friends and cannot recommend him highly enough.

Robin Mark RamsayDoctorRobin Mark RamsayUK