Tso-rolpa and Simigaun

We welcome you on this special charity trek to explore the beauties of Nepal while also supporting communities in need. The trek as a part of the social charity of The Community Building for Sustainable Tourism (CBSD) in Simigaon, Dolakha district is about being a part of positive change in one of the remotest, stunningly beautiful yet most impoverished regions in eastern Nepal.

Our activities include supporting, a) schools: with books, furniture, building support, b) health posts with medicine, staff training and other building supports, and c) agriculture support activities. The overall aim is to improve the health, education, and general basic services in order to improve the quality of life in the region. During the trek, we will visit our project areas, interact with the community, participate in community events and share our ideas and suggestions for improving basic services in the region.

We combine our community treks in Lower Solukhumbu with Rolwaling region and the beautiful Tso Rolpa. It’s one of the few places that are less crowded by the tourists and yet offers some of the most spectacular view of the Himalayas, and unique experiences of its people and culture.

The itinerary includes short tour of Kathmandu and hiking along the Tama Koshi River under the shadow of Mt. Gauri Shanker (7,145m). In Simigaeon, we will observe closely various community activities and projects. Most of our trek staff come from Simigaon and walking and observing the region will them is a very special experience. The trek from Simigaon then follows Rolwaling Khola to Beding with the excellent view of Mt Melungtse (7,181m). We will visit the village and its monastery upon reaching Beding (3,690m). We will then trek to village of Na (4,183m) and then proceed to Tso Rolpa. We will then return via Beding and to lower Soukhmbu and back to Kathmandu.

We welcome all supporter and people who are open to our aim of social service and who also want to face challenges associated in order to bring changes in areas of need.

GENERAL ITINERARY (Subject to modification depending on clients interest, activities and time)

Day 1    Flight to Kathmandu (Nepal)
Day 2    Arrival Kathmandu (Nepal)
Day 3    Drive to Siru Dovan
Day 4    Sirudovan to Simigaon
Day 5    Simigaon
Day 6    Simigaon to Duwang
Day 7    Duwang to Beding
Day 8     Beding to Na village
Day 9    Na village to Tso Rolpa and Beding
Day 10    Beding to Simigaon(Trek 7 hrs.)
Day 11    Trek to Chhetchhet and drive to Suri Dovan camp.
Day 12    Drive to Dhulikehl, 7/8 hrs overnight at Hotel.
Day 13     Dhulikhel to Nagarkot
Day 14     Drive to Bhaktapur, overnight at Hotel
Day 15    Drive to Kathmandu.
Day 16    Flight back home